Alta Special Steel is a manufacturer that has been deeply involved in tool steel since the 1990s, started with a small forging hammer and has grown into a comprehensive manufacturer from steel melting to finished steel round bars, flat bars, forged die-blocks etc, with two production sites 73,000 square meter.


Since the national industrial reform in 2016, our smelting furnaces get improved gradually to better version which can produce high-cleanliness steels in green energy now. Meanwhile, another important products line of martensitic stainless steel added into our main capacities, and combined with highly reliable quenching and tempering work. There are a great progress made to our steel quality which get highly praised by customers nationally and internationally.


From the first source of quality control, we use high quality raw materials of ferro alloys, scrap steels etc and application of ladle refine, vacuum degassing metallurgy to guarantee high-cleanliness materials. Ultra-high cleanliness steels can by application of secondary Re-melting ESR, VAR.


Our workers are rich experienced, but more important, they are highly responsible and dedicated to their work which is essential in steel production. With their carefully take care from raw materials checking, furnaces or charging materials baking, materials feeding, slagging-off, composition testing of molten steel, ingots pouring etc to the most important thing in each processing - temperature controlling. The fine-quality steel materials can be ensured. Also, our sale workers have the same attitude to take care of your any possible steel demands.


After over three decades industry work, ALTA have the ability to handle other steel materials besides tool, mold steels, martensitic stainless steels. Just talk to us NOW.

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2024-05-21 20:10